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Addressing any of the courts of Ukraine

Addressing any of the courts of UkraineOur team of professionals is always ready to help you find the very effective methods to resolve your legal problems.Asking for a lawyer in a timely manner will help avoid the problems of administrative, criminal or civil liability.It is best to consult an experienced attorney before the problem, but not to the legislative attempt to understand the nuances, because self-employment may cause significant financial costs.

When you need legal services in various fields of law, to defend your interests in court, legal advice, comprehensive legal advice or other legal services please contact us.

Lawyer is associated with working with legal documents.Lawyer, regardless of the direction, works with all legal and regulatory framework.

The lawyer will make oral and written advice, advice online, advice on current legislation, examine and analyze the documents, will assess the prospects of judicial review of the case, examination of contracts and other documents, consultation during the conduct of court proceedings, to hold talks, pre-trial settlement of disputes .

Making legal documents, process documents counsel, addition to the claim, the claim, an objection to the claim, counter claim, appeal, review, response to the request, appeal, attorney's request, statement, claim, complaint, and other procedural documents, analytical reference and legal opinion.

The definitions of law guarantees counsel and authority, are its advantage over other professionals (lawyers, legal advisers).In addition to the status of the lawyer as an advocate has the right direction. attorney's request, which must provide the requested information, formally to gather evidence and obtain an expert opinion.

Защита и представление интересов клиента адвокатом  во время судебного процесса в судах разных уровней (общий суд, кассационный суд,  апелляционный суд, международный суд по правам человека, административный суд, третейский суд, международный коммерческий арбитраж), в правоохранительных органах (прокуратура или же милиция), сопровождение в уголовном процессе в любое время уголовного дела (признание, предварительное следствие, следственный процесс, процедура задержания, обыск, различные экспертизы, рассмотрение дела в суде, апелляция приговора и незаконных действий должностных лиц), органах государственной власти, органах осуществляющих контроль, перед гражданами.

Permanent and one-time advocation (Protection of the interests involved in the negotiations, examination of documents, creation and execution of documents and projects, establishment of agreements, protocols, statements, claims, proposals and other documents).

Maintenance of a lawyer executive production (maintenance, control of execution of the executive service of judicial decisions).