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Welcome to the LLC "Legal Company" LEX - PRACTICE! "

Today, during the formation of the rule of law, which is undoubtedly - Ukraine, one of the major directions and principles of such development, and more relevant than ever, must be high quality and independent legal advice, both natural and legal persons, both residents and non-residents located in the country and abroad.

Our company was established at a time when legal services are provided by numerous actors in the field of law, but the quality and cost of such services do not always meet the requirements of customers vozrostaemym.Therefore, some lawyers and law firm was created "LEX - PRACTICE."

In the five years of its existence, the company has provided legal product of more than 500 clients (both individuals and legal entities), proposed and implemented in a real court decisions, both standard and unusual, from a legal point of view, the legal moves that led to successful achievements and victories in the affairs of our clients.

Experts of our company, attorneys in criminal cases in Kiev, and defended successfully continue to represent the interests of our clients in all judicial and law enforcement agencies of our country, namely the courts of general jurisdiction (district courts, appellate courts, the Supreme Court of Ukraine specialized in civil and criminal cases, the Supreme Court of Ukraine), economic courts (economic local courts, commercial courts, Appeals, Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine), administrative courts (district administrative courts, the Appeals administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine).

In addition, lawyers our company to protect the interests of clients in various law enforcement agencies, namely the Ministry of Interior, Security Service, Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, as we do not leave in the lurch of our clients in tax and customs bodies of Ukraine.

Particular attention is given to criminal proceedings and criminal proceedings .During the so-called "police lawlessness" and indiscriminate violation of the constitutional rights of citizens of Ukraine at the time of operative - search activity, inquiry, pretrial investigation, the authorities permitted all kinds of illicit and grave breaches of the criminal - procedural law.

We work weekends and holidays, the problems of clients becoming our affairs after the first call will be answered from 8.00 to 20.00 on landlines and mobile vysheukazany on - around the clock!.

A little about us

Criminal lawyer of our company is designed to protect the interests of our clients, to make law enforcement officers to scrupulously abide by national and international law. The site law firm "LEX - PRACTICE" you can see our achievements in the field of criminal law and procedure, as well as with other things.

If you visited our website, you need legal support, it means that you have a question for a lawyer, so where - what and by whom - that violated your constitutional rights to life, liberty, personal security, privacy of your home, violated private property rights, business rights, the right to work and recreation, right to health protection, medical care and health insurance and other rights under the Constitution of Ukraine.

phemida LLC "Legal Company" LEX - Practice, "will always be glad to provide quality and necessary assistance to solve your problems. You can contact us with any questions, either by visiting our office, where you will be given both oral and written advice on your questions.

We have been working virtually around the country, it is Kiev, Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk - in the East, Sumy, Chernihiv, Poltava - the North, Kherson, Odessa, Nikolaev - in the South, Lviv, Ternopil, Rivne, Uzhhorod, and others - in the West and Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, ​​Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr - in other words, territorial barriers to providing quality legal services, no!

You can also use online services - Consulting services Questions - Answers, sections of which are also on site.

On our site you will find current news in the area of legislation and legislative base of Ukraine, as well as our achievements in the field of criminal, civil, labor, family, economic, administrative and other sudoproizvodstvennyh affairs.

Welcome to contact us, we hope you'll be surprised and satisfied with our work, and your problems will be left behind!

Years of experience our criminal lawyers allows us to promise, and actually protect our customers from criminal prosecution at any stage of the process!

Sincerely, LLC "Legal Company" LEX - PRACTICE! "