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Protection of the preliminary investigation

Protection of the preliminary investigationWhat befell not only in our life ... Someone was at the wrong time and wrong place, which was not the most comfortable option for the investigation, someone good "substituted."And someone really made a bad thing, especially by accident or under the influence of some events.All this is true or otherwise ends the same - the criminal case.

And just a preliminary investigation and must find guilt of the suspects, to show the verdict of someone who committed a crime, and translate it into the courtroom.

Much to our chagrin, the investigation did not always consider all the details of the case.This is natural, taking into account the huge employment and low wages have representatives of the Ministry of Interior and Prosecutor's Office.

Often people are not aware of the importance of investigative actions on their own refuse counsel, believing that if the matter to court is not reached, there is nothing terrible will happen.And they are very mistaken.Preliminary investigation at least in principle, than the ship's process, because it was during the investigation creates an irrefutable basis, and conducted all investigative processes to which the court will apply during the investigation.If there is reason to believe himself innocent - even more so, need to refer to human rights activist in the preparatory stage of the investigation.Perhaps the proof of the "far-fetched," and can not even draw the matter to court.But soberly assess the situation can only lawyer who understands the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Codes, and regard the state of affairs is not the words of the investigator and based on the case, then the suspect can not be done due to lack of necessary knowledge and experience.

However, even if the investigation brought to an end, and the case goes to trial, do not despair: the defendant's guilt may be determined only in court, not an investigator and prosecutor.And another thing, to what extent the defendant is guilty? Perhaps, indeed committed a crime? Yet one should not rely on a lawyer who will be able to completely protect the offender, if there is conclusive evidence.But in this case should not lose heart.Almost all offenses the law provides a number of options for punishment, and the task of the lawyer in this case would be to improve the status of the defendant during the trial.

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