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Protection from prosecution

Protection from prosecutionCriminal lawyer is an independent legal assistant.

Attorney - the person performing in accordance with legislation protecting the rights and interests of the suspect or the accused, and provides legal assistance in criminal cases.

Counsel identifies the circumstances in which one can justify a suspect or defendant that mitigate their responsibility and free from criminal liability, and (or) sentences, and other accidents, testifying to gain rights and interests of the accused or the accused.

Role criminal defense lawyer - One of the fundamental criminal procedural guarantees of the rights and legitimate interests of the condemned (the suspect) that contribute to equalizing the actual right to condemn (the suspect) to protect their own interests and rights of the municipal prosecutor, the prosecutor who performs criminal prosecution.

Law Firm "LEX Practice" provides these types of legal aid to defendants own:

  • protection of rights during the investigation;
  • protecting the rights of the suspect or the accused during the preliminary investigation: during the implementation of the interrogations, confrontations, investigative tests, etc.etc.,.
  • develop specific strategies to protect the band and during the investigation;
  • Seen a suspect in jail after his arrest;
  • Preparation and expression of different applications;
  • appeal certain penalties;
  • collecting different materials describing the identity of the suspect;
  • familiarization with the documents of the criminal case;

Protection of the suspect in court first instance - the rights in all trials:

  • Preparation and expression of different applications;
  • study of the criminal case.

Protecting the rights of the court second instance - a thorough investigation of the criminal case and the protocol of the trial:

  • preparation, collection and filing of a complaint to the verdict first instance;
  • participation in the trial, which is assigned to the complaint;
  • Seen a suspect in custody.

Protection of the interests in the court of supervisory instance - a thorough investigation of the criminal case and the protocol of the trial, appeal, the court:

  • preparation, collection and submission of complaints to the routine monitoring at the individual receiving the judges;
  • Seen convicted in the colony.