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Legal defense

Legal defenseWell, that's a consequence of over, amounted to an indictment, and the case to court.And even if during the investigation you did not apply to a lawyer in criminal cases, its services, you will still be needed.

So how exactly during the trial is determined by fault of the defendant, and only the court describes the sentence.Fine, correctional civil works, arrest, imprisonment - penalties that specified in the Penal Code.Depending on the offense for which defendant is charged, every article of the Criminal Code provided for the likely types of punishment.And depending on how you will be investigating judge, the court will examine evidence of guilt, and depends on what punishment to get the final result the defendant.

The main objective of criminal defense lawyer in preparation for the court case is, first, determining the position of the defendant, and the preparation for the study of evidence in the most successful for the defendant's view.So, for example, evidence may be obtained by investigating authorities in violation of the law and the lawyer, seeing these violations can talk about non-consideration of such evidence, the court must not take them in consideration of the case.There are cases when it turned out just enough so that all charges have been destroyed.However, all of these cases are very rare.As practice shows, the job of assessing the evidence - pretty easy and methodical, which is based on legal competence and professionalism of the lawyer, his logical thinking and experience.

So remember that the step from criminal punishment in a literal sense it is not necessary to trust yourself and destiny.Better yet go to. counsel on criminal cases , Defender, who will undoubtedly go through this difficult process.