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Family affairs and housing

Family affairs and housingOur company provides various legal services, both legal and natural persons.Today, one of the most sought-after species. counsel Provided to citizens, is the intervention in family disputes that need it.

All family disputes can be roughly divided into the following categories:

A Family disputes arising from the relationship between spouses,.

2. Family disputes arising out of the relationship "children - the parents."

3. Other types of family disputes.

In turn, any of these categories is subdivided into multiple subspecies.For example, in the first category includes such family disputes:.

Division of property between spouses;

Some marriage and family disputes.



The second category consists of the following types:

Cases of child support from parents to children, or vice versa;

The debate over the establishment of guardianship;

Cases involving the termination of parental rights;

Cases of deprivation and restriction of parental rights;

The case of determining the order of the participation of child rearing by parents living separately;

Cases of paternity;

Cases involving the restoration of parental rights.


The third category of cases belong to, for example, are:

Affairs of the decision to communicate with the child and grandparents.

Cases of Child Support from grandparents and / or grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, stepchildren or stepdaughters, stepmothers or stepfathers son.

Family disputes are not only one of the most common problems, but also one of the most serious.There is not and can not be mistakes: mistakes, made at any stage of a family dispute, may lead to unintentional consequences.That is why it is so important to get professional legal support at the outset of a dispute.Please contact us and we'll take care of all the issues in your case.Our experience and qualification is the best guarantee of respect for all of your interests.