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Civil disputes

Civil disputesYou have received an inheritance, which is in dispute, you do not back the debt, or your legal interests are violated by the employer? Then you better get competent legal advice from our lawyers with a view to possible settlement of the case by the court.They will help you select the documents for the trial, will provide professional management of all phases of litigation.We will certainly feasible pre-trial review of the case to the possibility of his judicial term, and in the absence of prospects judicial proceedings, we will help you to solve the issue through peaceful agreement, or find another possible way to resolve the dispute.

Remember, very often, tightening the existing problems can affect the outcome of the next.Remember that every relationship has its own special set the limitation that you can not file on time and miss a very valuable time to protect their rights.

In this direction our company is such lawyer :

  • recognition of treaties null and void;
  • compensation for material and moral damages;
  • termination of contracts;
  • disputes with banks;
  • disputes with insurance companies;
  • labor disputes;
  • debt collection;
  • disputes that touch the ground (appointment of property rights, making rules for the use a piece of land, establishment of land boundaries, and soetc.).
  • spores per dwelling  (Settlement, eviction from home, the definition of alternate use of living space, the assignment of property rights, ownership, etc.etc.).
  • marital and family law (marriage gap, annulment, property division after divorce, alimony, the purpose of residence of the child, depriving the rights of parents);
  • case separate production (search for legal facts, limiting capacity of a natural person, etc..)