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Dear visitors to our site!

   It is believed that the legal profession is one of the most highly paid and expensive.

   In some other camp, the advanced economies, incorruptible judiciary, who lives on the immutable principles of democratic civil society, it is probably true, but we must understand and know very well where we live, what country and what power it is led.

   Our law firm working in the field of legal services to more than 5 - years old and working for it professionals have experience in practical advocacy for more than 15 - years old. Therefore, we studied the market very well received and provided legal assistance, both in Kiev and regions.

   Low pay principal categories of Ukrainian citizens caused an unstable economic situation and the constant change and the struggle between oligarchic clans themselves, are unlikely to think about ordinary people and their decent living, but in fact they often need high-quality and desirable affordable legal assistance.

   Soon on our website you will find new action designed for our regular customers, "PASS", where the following rates will be significantly lower from 30% to 50% in the contract for subscription services, as well as possible the various bonuses and prizes.
Therefore, we have developed a more reasonable fares to counsel in various areas of law, which takes into account all sorts of nuances in working with clients. If someone then they will seem too high, then our personal meeting, when discussing your problems, there is always room for compromise, because it is important that a client who needs help, has always been satisfied with the quality and results of our work. But do not forget that any business takes between six months and beyond, and the money that you pay a lawyer when signing the contract for the provision of legal services, if they are split by the month, look very small price to pay, if not laughable, which will be assessed to your work a lawyer. And experience shows that customers always want what would be a lawyer to protect their interests, has always been the mark, as professionally, and financially, that is important to achieve our jointly developed and the results achieved!

Below you can see the rates for our services, and if they are acceptable to you, call us and we will help you.

Sincerely, LLC Law Firm "LEX - PRACTICE!"

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