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Appellate review

Appellate reviewAppellate review is the work of district courts, which aims to remove legal errors of judges and guarantees the rights and interests of people.The meaning of the institute appellate review is contained in the fact that individuals who are involved in the case have the advantage over 10 days (from the date of the decision by the judge in a final form) to issue a complaint, and the prosecutor, who takes part in the proceedings, to deliver performance.The objects themselves appellate review are those judgments and decisions of judges who have not entered into force.Appeal shall be filed in the respective regional court by a judge.

An appellate court has an advantage to leave the conclusion of Judge without change, the complaint to change the conclusion of Judge or cancel it and take the new findings, the judge concluded cancel completely or partially and to stop the trial or not to consider the application at all.

Cassation checks the legality and validity of the verdict - a tool for detecting and preventing miscarriages of justice before joining the court decision in force, an important guarantee for the faithful embodiment of justice, rights and lawful interests of the accomplices in the trial.

The judge, after having received an appeal against the person or the prosecutor has to make sure that they were given for 10 days after the court decision.Then he checks the ratio of a complaint or representation required by law.The appeal submission must be signed by the prosecutor.Along with the appeal provided the act, which supports the payment of state fees if the appeal is payable.Appeal, and attached to them copies of papers filed with the number of which equals the number of those who engage in the business.Individuals who are involved in the case, the judge can give a complaint in writing, depending on the appeals filed with the application documents, which confirm such objections and copies of which are comparable to the number of persons involved in litigation, and can read materials of the case.Then at the end of the 10-day period, the judge sends the case to appeal, and submission of an objection was raised in district court.The judge may reject the complaint if it was filed according to the requirements and to appoint the person who filed the complaint, the deadline for the correction of errors.

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