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A lawyer by accident

A lawyer by accidentWe will provide assistance in the form accompanied by the process associated with the accident happened after inspection of the accident prior to submission of your interests in litigation of all instances.

The lawyers of our company provide the following services:

  • arrival at the scene of an accident, at any time;
  • Legal Advice is already in place an accident, based on its outcome;
  • participation in the survey the accident scene (the documentation of the road situation, assistance in collecting data from witnesses and the witnesses, the control actions carried out on-site accident employees of state auto inspection);
  • represent you during the inspection bodies in the traffic police before the start of the investigation (counseling, creating the necessary documents, participation during the action, the appeal of illegal activities);
  • to represent your interests during the investigation to the trial (consultation, participation in the process of questioning witnesses and participants, playing the circumstances and situation of crime, forensics, writing procedural documents, the appeal of sentencing);
  • keeping your interests in litigation administrative proceedings (advice on the administrative case, the presence and participation during the trial, collection of documents required in judicial proceedings, the appeal verdicts to a higher court and prosecutor's supervision in order);
  • to represent your interests during the trial of criminal cases (the study of the case, consultation, participation in court hearings and trial, the selection of judicial documents, the appeal court decision);
  • representing your interests in court proceedings concerning compensation for both moral property damage produced during a crash (such as writing petitions, participating in court proceedings, the establishment of procedural documents, the appeal court verdicts, participation and control in the enforcement proceedings).

Features of our lawyers - providing any legal assistance during the accident, including representation in court.Counsel will consider all the circumstances of the incident an accident, will appoint expert and make all necessary arrangements.

We also provide criminal defense lawyer .